Pretty Claire is a blog dedicated to women of all ages.  I believe that beauty comes from within and I want to bring back the confidence in you. I may not be the perfect adviser but I am a woman too believing in my capacity to bring goodness in you.

We all admire beauty and we do anything and everything just to stay young. However, as we age fine lines, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and more appears and we can’t deny that we are aging. Others tend to freak out not realizing that they age beautifully. In my own little way, I want to share my simple beauty regimen, the beauty products I used and give an honest opinion about the product base on my experience for you to have an idea about it.

I also want to share my fashion statement, though it’s not that grand but I can still manage. I really love to buy ukay-ukay or second-hand dresses, pants, short, shoes, t-shirt and others that are still in good condition and also still good to wear. It is much cheaper than the new one and of course it is BRANDED and we all know that we go gaga over it.

I really want to encourage women to be at their best all the time. Love yourself even more and live your life to the fullest.

Thank you and Welcome to my site.