Beauty Products: Royal Beauty L-GlutaPower

My office mate introduce me to this product. She told me that her sister has used Royal Beauty L-GlutaPower for some time now, it’s not that affordable though but I wanted to try also. This is not available in the supermarket or any other beauty store.  It is a pre-order basis.

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I ordered 2 pieces and when I used it, it feels really great. You can actually feel the small beads that will eventually make your skin smooth. It’s been almost a year now since my first usage until now I am still using it.  I have a neighbor who sells and allowed me to pay half of its price and the next half is payable for a month.

My office mate also tried Royal Beauty L-GlutaPower and she also has an awesome experience with the product. I don’t know if Royal Beauty is available nationwide but try it and you’ll see the difference. I have tried a lot of Gluta Soap but I am hooked with this one. I really loved it!


  1. Sounds really effective. As for me, I’m using Kojie san. Around 100 for 2 bars.

  2. I’ve heard about it but its too pricey, if only that will be affordable
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  3. does it whiten sis and even out the skin tone? i have uneven patches on my skin kasi.
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    • Hi sis Lo,

      Yes it whitens and I noticed that my skin is finer now. Pro hindi cya instant na puputi ka talaga. 🙂 Maganda ang effect nya.

  4. Sounds great, I am looking for new soap that I can use. Hopefully it is going to be available worldwide..
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  5. i’ve been using this product for two weeks now and i noticed that acne appear to my face.Is it normal?or should i stop using this produce?does this product helps to remove acne..

    • Hi Josie, I don’t recall having acne on my face. Maybe the soap is not suitable for your skin type. Perhaps, it is better to stop using it.

      • ok,tnx a lot..maybe your right,will stop using this soap..i hope there is a gluta soap that suitable to my skin type..

    • Hi I used this soap too and gave me clogged pores that get worse. Before I use this soap I don’t have pimples now get worse. I regret using it. If somebody like this soap I sell it I get 5.

  6. uhm…. ndi ko po gusto ung amoy nya,,, amoy gamot,,, sayang lng ung bili ko… ndi ko na sia ggmitin, kc nid ko tlg matake,…

  7. I’ve been using this product for a month now plus ung royale kojic papaya… Ang ganda ng effect nya sa skin ko talagang pumuti ako and maraming nakakanotice sa skin ko ngayon na pumuti at kuminis.

  8. hi..i’m from Malaysia & have been trying Royale to repurchase the product? can someone tell me?

  9. Rachelle says:

    Nagkaroon ako ng red patches na makati sa Royale 5 days ko plng siya nagamit. Akala ko normal lang pero hindi na pla. I regret for using this soap sobrang nagsisisi ako. 🙁

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