Haircut with Treatment

It’s been a whole since my last bonding with my hair. So, I've decided to have my haircut and treatment with my niece and the family around. He he! My niece was asking me to have her haircut just down the shoulder but her nanay said to cut it a bit off shoulder or in her shoulder level but she … [Read more...]

Add a Touch of Elegance into your Table

I am really amazed how someone can really create a beautiful and fantastic table set up by merely choosing simple yet affordable piece of linen, table is very helpful in terms of creating a fabulous look at my table. As a matter of fact, whenever, I have events or … [Read more...]

Hair Care: Bonding with My Hair

With the financial aid of my hubby I was able to bring back my hair to its beautiful state. Lol. As well as know that hair re-bonding could cause you a dime.  I am glad that my hubby is able to give me what I am asking for. Though the re-bonding took almost 5 hours, he is there to see the result. … [Read more...]

Where to Buy the Best Wig Online

I was looking for a hair extension or maybe a wig for my niece and my problem is where to find the best wig online. She needs it because she wanted to use for a certain competition. We were trying our best to find something that suit her. We went to a different department store here, but what … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Hair Comb

I was looking for the right hair comb because the one I have is causing pain to my scalp and I wonder if there’s one I could buy so that it is not harmful to the my scalp as well as not damage my hair. I bought this Paganini Hair Brush and tried it out. My impression was it is not painful … [Read more...]

TRESEmme Anti Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner

I like my daily shampoo and conditioner now, I am using TRESEmme Anti Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner I bought from Lazada. I find the product true to its claims; I love the shampoo most especially the conditioner. My hair feels really soft and beautiful; I am planning to buy another two bottles … [Read more...]