Perfume Collection: Burberry Eau De Parfum

I have used Burberry perfume for a while. A sweet scent really made for woman can definitely blew a man away. It was handed over to me by my sister-in-law who has the luxury of buying stuffs in London. I am also thankful and lucky enough to use different kinds of perfume with brands, the price I … [Read more...]

Perfume Collection: Davidoff Cool Water

This collection is meant to the men out there, it has a shower gel, perfume and after shave. Great isn't it? Beautiful gift ideas in time for the Father’s Day! I hope you can find one in store here in the Philippines. I love it scent very masculine, I am sure your dad or your husband would … [Read more...]

Perfume Collection: Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears

As of the moment, I have used Midnight Fantasy. I really love its sweet scent, its design it very luxurious. It was bought in London by my sister-in-law and handed down to me as a gift. The packaging is very beautiful also and I do love its color, very chic. I think it’s something the Britney … [Read more...]

Perfume Collection: Lacoste Challenge

Here's an addition to my collection of Perfumes. Lacoste Challenge Gel Douche shower Gel is paired with perfume to get the masculine scent pour homme. Somehow we are busy now, thinking of the perfects gifts we can get for our mother in time for the celebration of the Mother’s day. But we should not … [Read more...]

Perfume Collection: Ice Fresh by Davidoff Cool Water

I’ve been using Davidoff Cool Water Ice Fresh in the past months now. I really love its freshness and the fragrance is not that strong. Good for the women out there who has active lifestyle and spirit, the smell is very sweet and cool. I really like Davidoff Cool Water collection and I have blogged … [Read more...]

Review: Bench Daily Scent Sunday Morning Cologne

At first I thought it just an ordinary cologne because it was sold at an affordable price. Later I found out that it was a product from the Bench. I bought two pieces of this cologne and gave the other one to my nephew JM and he is just a little boy. He even like the scent of this cologne and he … [Read more...]