Timeless Natural Skin Care Products For Summer Season

Spring has arrived, and summer is just around the corner. The summer is a great time to show off your skin and to enjoy time with friends and family. With the sun getting warmer, it is also time to think about skin protection- especially if you live in an area that is generally warm … [Read more...]

Juicy Couture Beachwear

  Are you ready for the summer? I bet you are, then here’s a new collection from juicy couture beachwear. But unfortunately it already rainy season here in the Philippines but guess what? We love the beach right? Every single time we need to relax and unwind we keep of dreaming a fantastic … [Read more...]

What I wear at the Beach

Don’t be fooled about this, I am not wearing either 2-piece bikini or one piece bathing. You would laugh at me when you saw me wear though. Anyway, ever since I went to beach resort I often become shy and problematic what to wear.  Because I am gaining more weight now and try to lose it anyway I did … [Read more...]