Dream of having one of these fabulous jewelry collections?

Women loves of accessories their clothing whether it is simply or fashionable in style. Some were vain in their overall look. I may say that jewelries are girl’s best friend and somehow the outfit may not be complete without any accessory, right? I … [Continue reading]

Beauty and Fashion Freelance Writer

Having your own site like beauty and fashion blog sometimes needs a good article writer or a freelance writer per say. In vast world of online business, you can never go wrong to hiring a freelance writer like Lawrence Reaves. He writes about … [Continue reading]

Got a New Toms for myself

I was looking for a shoe to use in the office and found toms in the thrifty store.  I bought this for only 150.00 in that store. I plan to buy another pair cause it's very comfortable to use. I guess, what I have is just a replica because the … [Continue reading]

Diamonds: An Ultimate Gift to Cherish

They say that diamonds are forever and diamond is a girl’s best friend, right? Isn’t it beautiful and starling to know that your husband or your boyfriend is giving you a luxurious diamond ring? Wow, that will be lovely! I say that I dream of … [Continue reading]

Trendy Body Piercing Jewelry Gift Ideas

Do you like to be pierce anywhere in your body? If so, then here is the latest body piercing jewelry online. I knew some friends of mine were very adventurous in their lifetime. Some of them had been pierce in the nose, tongue and in the belly … [Continue reading]

Firmoo Sunglasses to its Finest

I am amazed howFirmoo Glasses keep up with the challenging weather. My family and I went to a local resort here in Davao City. The place was very fantastic but the sun's heat is not that friendly, good thing I brought along the sunglasses by … [Continue reading]