Product Review: Uni Kojic with Gluta Whitening Beauty Soap

I am on the haul of beauty products that are cheaper in price and of course not harmful to the skin. When I went to a certain department in Davao City, I planned on buying a beauty soap. But I have no clue on what really to buy since there are many products on the market today.


This is the first time I saw Uni Kojic with Gluta Whitening Beauty Soap and when I looked into the price it is indeed a lot cheaper than the ones that I used before. I bought two pieces of this beauty soap because I have yet to try it at home.

On my first Use.

I guess the first impression really last. When I opened the plastic cover, the beauty smells really good and it surprised me. When lathering onto the skin. I didn’t feel any tingling sensation and my skin doesn’t feel hurt at all. It doesn’t dry out my skin too, and to my surprise. It was moisturized.

On the Whitening Effect.

I could say that my skin is a bit lightened and we couldn’t expect an instant white effect on our skin. Right? My skin is very sensitive and I guess, this beauty is the right one for me.

So, I am now on my second bar and of course, I want to buy more because I like this product. I suggest that, if you want to try this out. Just buy one bar and observe the effect onto your skin and from that  moment on you can decide whether to continue or discontinue the use.


  1. when in Pinas the people are using whitening products, here in Europe they are using bronzing products or even go to the solarium to have their skin tanned…..i love my brown complexion! lolz! cheers sis!
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  2. I used to use whitening soap when I was still there, nakakamiss. I have never tried this one though.

  3. Can I use it on my face?

  4. Pinaii chaii locca says:

    I Tried this one Uni Kojic With Gluta.. it’s good for my skin.. but now I stop it because of my allergy …I miss this soap.. I want to take again this soap..

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