Best Buys: Fendi Bag

I wanted to buy shoes and was looking for it at the ukay-ukay boutique near Bolton Street in San Pedro. However, my eyes suddenly locked with the bag. At first I was not curious of the brand but the looks of it tells me that it’s a good one. I instantly hold it and ask if it’s authentic. The seller … [Read more...]

Best Buys: Bag at an affordable Price

Last Monday I went to Gaisano South Citimall I passed by a lot of 2nd hand bags or we call it Ukay-Ukay. I automatically joined many by passers who were also looking and asked the seller who much each bag cost. My attention was captured with this particular bag. To my calculation it’s somewhat new … [Read more...]

13 Purse Essentials

Purses, when lugged around for hours on end, get a little annoying, but they do make up for their bulkiness in usefulness. Purses always contain everything you or your friends could want or need, or at least they should! Feeling like a “mother hen” for all of your friends-- with a purse full of … [Read more...]

Best Buys: Thrifted Dior Bag

When I was still working, I have a way of relieving stress from work through visiting thrift stores near Gaisano South Mall located on Ilustre Street. It has a night market for used clothes, bags, shoes and the like. I found this Dior Bag in good condition at a reasonable price. I fell in love … [Read more...]

Red Pouch

Another gift I received during the Christmas Season and it came from my boss sister again. I wasn't expecting anything but my office mate told me that there’s this gift for me and I said I will get it when I get back to Davao and I did so I went to the office and got it. I don’t know what to … [Read more...]

Imprinted Lunch Bags

I was looking for an imprinted lunch bags for my niece because her lunch bags was torn apart and cannot be repaired anymore. I can see that she was inconvenient because of that. Good thing that there is an online store that sells cheap and fantastic lunch bags. Buying stuffs online gives me the … [Read more...]