Olay Age Protect

This is one of my favorite beauty products since it’s launched in the market. I used this cream during the night-time to help my face rejuvenate when I sleep. It has a lightening effect and of course it can lessen dark spots. When you wake up in the morning you will feel that your face becomes soft … [Read more...]

Beauty Products: Royal Beauty L-GlutaPower

My office mate introduce me to this product. She told me that her sister has used Royal Beauty L-GlutaPower for some time now, it’s not that affordable though but I wanted to try also. This is not available in the supermarket or any other beauty store.  It is a pre-order basis. I ordered 2 pieces … [Read more...]

#Unboxing: My First Ever #GlamourBox Subscription

I have seen a lot of #Unboxing from different bloggers I came across and I too got these urgent feeling of trying these goodies. So I went to #GlamourBox to try out their stuff and this is what I got. The purchase comes in handy because it was made online and the delivery were extremely fast … [Read more...]

Skin 79 Oriental Smooth Sun BB Pact

This Oriental Smooth Sun BB Pact is good for Asian Skin like we Filipina's have. The compact powder is made by Skin 79 and manufactured in Korea and is known for their beautiful skin. A friend of mine, use this and noticed that her face looks really radiant and glowing and I wanted to try it too … [Read more...]

Spa and Drug Detox Centers

Are you looking for a Spa and drug detox centers in Davao City? It’s not a problem anymore, you can get their services at home, in malls or even in the hotels with a minimum fee. Being treated in a Spa will help ease your tired body and throw away toxins too. Also, a relaxing ambiance will clear … [Read more...]

Betadine Antiseptic Feminine Wash

Betadine Antiseptic Feminine Wash is good for relief of external genital irritation and itching during menstruation, and even excessive secretion and menopause. A healthy protection from infection due to irritation and even a good genital wash before and after sexual intercourse. I use this … [Read more...]