Best Buys: Watsons Deep Moisturizing Body Lotion

I was looking for a body lotion that has deep moisturizing properties, and then I came across this Watsons Deep Moisturizing Body Lotion at their store when I went there yesterday so I said to myself have to try his one. Since this is the first time I’ll be using it. It has a good smell, the … [Read more...]

Best Buys: Fendi Bag

I wanted to buy shoes and was looking for it at the ukay-ukay boutique near Bolton Street in San Pedro. However, my eyes suddenly locked with the bag. At first I was not curious of the brand but the looks of it tells me that it’s a good one. I instantly hold it and ask if it’s authentic. The seller … [Read more...]

Best Buys: Syntax Bag at an Affordable Price

This is my second bag purchased at the sidewalk of Gaisano South CitiMall, thought it take a while to finally see a fresh looking ukay-ukay bag but it pays off when I got this Syntax bag. I like its style and color though not that big but I find it very convenient to use. My first purchased was a … [Read more...]

Best Buys: Thrifted Dior Bag

When I was still working, I have a way of relieving stress from work through visiting thrift stores near Gaisano South Mall located on Ilustre Street. It has a night market for used clothes, bags, shoes and the like. I found this Dior Bag in good condition at a reasonable price. I fell in love … [Read more...]

Looking to buy a New Bicycle

I am on the lookout for a new bicycle for my new fitness regimen and I think it’s a very good workout together with my niece and nephew around the Oval here in Lupon and of course, what a great way to enjoy the summer with them too. Being fit is my purpose and spends time with them too. How … [Read more...]

Best Buys: On Frugal Shoes Zara and Sorridere

I am always on the look of something to buy like these shoes that I found on thrifty stores here in Davao. Whenever I got the time to stroll around during my free time together with my office mate, we are always trying to window shop first at our suki ukay-ukay store.   This is my Zara … [Read more...]