Product Review: Jergens Anti-Bacterial Lotion

I am always on the lookout for moisturizing lotion that will help my dry and sometimes scaly skin back to its normal smooth and moisturized tone. I went to a department store here in Davao and found this Jergens Anti-Bacterial Lotion over tons of beauty products. I was thinking that maybe will … [Read more...]

Beauty Products: Nivea Soft Intensive Moisturizing Cream

I bought this Nivea Soft Intensive Moisturizing Cream with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E because I am on the lookout of skin moisturizer that soothes my skin. Since, I used Nivea products before I am not skeptical about this body lotion and since it has a very established name so I bought it and tried it … [Read more...]

Beauty Products:Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Cream and Fluid

Olay has been known has been one of the top leading brands available in the market today. As of now, they have produced Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Cream and Fluid which is good for facial use. It is non-greasy and has a floral scent which can make you feel and smell good. It is dermatological … [Read more...]

Dove Intensive Body Lotion

I am looking for a Dove lotion and finally bought this Dove Whitening and Moisturizing intensive lotion for extra dry skin, when I had the opportunity and found it just beside our sari-sari store. They have place a table just in time for the town fiesta. When I asked the seller where this Dove … [Read more...]

Looking for Sunscreen Products

I need to buy a sunscreen product because the summer heat is way too hot these days. Apart from that, we go to the beach from time to time and I really need to put sunscreen lotion for my skin and for my hubby too. I think it’s very safe to use sunscreen lotion or spray before going out and of … [Read more...]

My Bath Essentials for the Month

I like to buy stuff such as for my personal usage usually for a month supply but if my budget is so tight then probably as long as in 2 weeks time. Because I don’t like to waste my time looking for soaps or shampoo and conditioner when I badly need it and just knew that I don’t have it anymore. So, … [Read more...]