Special Gift for the Holidays

I thought I had found a perfect gift for my hubby during the Holiday Season. I was greatly mistaken. What about you, did you find something spectacular? If not, then we are on the same boat. Lol. I am a bit worried because at the moment I haven’t really thought of the kind of gift I am going to give … [Read more...]

Rockin’ for Christmas

As early as September, all Filipinos are welcoming the Christmas Season. In every household, you can see the preparation of the season because most but not everyone is preparing for the Christmas Decoration ahead of time. This is the season here in the Philippines that is joyful and very pleasant to … [Read more...]

Keep the Spirit Alive

In time of sorrow, we should never forget to keep the spirit alive! Apart from the things we met in the past, everyday is a new day which we always look forward to. The Yuletide season is fast approaching and a good way to celebrate it is through family gatherings and reunions. A good gadget … [Read more...]

What I wear at the Beach

Don’t be fooled about this, I am not wearing either 2-piece bikini or one piece bathing. You would laugh at me when you saw me wear though. Anyway, ever since I went to beach resort I often become shy and problematic what to wear.  Because I am gaining more weight now and try to lose it anyway I did … [Read more...]