Checkered and Prints

I saw this lovely apparel when I went to a shopping mall near my place. I find it gorgeous but unfortunately I cannot wear it because of my shape and size. Lol! I was only dreaming, if ever I could wear such clothes. :) Nevertheless, there are other ladies out there that will definitely love to wear … [Read more...]

Orange and Blue

I never thought that orange and blue could be a good match, by simply looking at these lovely ready to wear clothes.  I found it more soothing to the eyes. Anyway, when I went to a certain shopping mall here in Davao, the mannequin’s caught my attention because of the wardrobe they wear during the … [Read more...]

Dresses for the Young Ladies

I saw these lovely dresses for young teens when I went to a Department Store near my place. I was just looking around and found these lovely dresses instead. I was just thinking, it would be nice if my niece will have one of these. I was not looking for the price tag though, so I am not sure if it … [Read more...]

Cute Little Prints for Kids

There are many things every cute little girl would probably have. Maybe a pink little dress, a hat, a bag or any other like a set of makeup right? These are just few things any parent would buy for their princess. Anyway, I have seen these cute outfits for little girls and I find it very chic and … [Read more...]

Off White and Orange

I went to the department store in lookout of what’s new and in for the “Ber” months. I found this mannequin wearing off white and orange print color and I find it nice and comfy. Colors really play a big role whenever we choose for the right dress that fits our personality. Hence, choosing the … [Read more...]

I need a dress

When I went to an event, I noticed that all of them wore dress and I wore the same casual outfit that I’m used to. I didn't even bother to think about dress because in my mind casual is what I am wearing everyday but now I think of getting a simple dress that will really looks good on me and of … [Read more...]