13 Purse Essentials

Purses, when lugged around for hours on end, get a little annoying, but they do make up for their bulkiness in usefulness. Purses always contain everything you or your friends could want or need, or at least they should! Feeling like a “mother hen” for all of your friends-- with a purse full of … [Read more...]

Special Gift for the Holidays

I thought I had found a perfect gift for my hubby during the Holiday Season. I was greatly mistaken. What about you, did you find something spectacular? If not, then we are on the same boat. Lol. I am a bit worried because at the moment I haven’t really thought of the kind of gift I am going to give … [Read more...]

Time to Shop for Christmas Gifts for a Cause

Christmas is the time of the year where everyone gets the feeling of hope. This joyful season of love, gift giving and sharing reminds us to be selfless not selfish. In times of great trouble and agony where there are less fortunate people suffering and most importantly, those people who were … [Read more...]

Trendy Body Piercing Jewelry Gift Ideas

Do you like to be pierce anywhere in your body? If so, then here is the latest body piercing jewelry online. I knew some friends of mine were very adventurous in their lifetime. Some of them had been pierce in the nose, tongue and in the belly button. But I am afraid to do it; well I’m not … [Read more...]