He Loves to Sing

It is really fun how kids can sing and follow every single word of the song. I guess, kids have better comprehension and brain retention than the average adult. Some kids can really sing along with the tune. Are you of Hi5 which my nephew loves to watch, it’s a kiddie show will full of stories and … [Read more...]

Where to Buy Excellent Hagstrom Guitars?

I am looking for excellent Hagstrom Guitars and I want to surprise my nephew on his graduation day. I know he is longing for this for a long time now and I think it’s the right time to give it to him. I want his summer vacation to be a fruitful one and I guess being a musician isn't bad at … [Read more...]

Loving his Used Guitars

When my nephew saw somebody plays their guitar on TV, he would automatically ask for his used guitars to play it with based on what he saw. Though he still at a young age and don’t know how to play it as long as he could strum it and play the beat, then he would laughed his heart out. Even though … [Read more...]

Shopping for Trumpets

I was looking for trumpets online because my nephew’s instrument got broke. He was crying about it and I promised him I would look for it and replace the one with a new trumpet. Suddenly I realized that the missing part was the mouthpiece at wwbw. Therefore, I immediately browse online and got … [Read more...]

He Loves Music

My nephew loves to watch Mickey Mouse Club House and whenever he hears the Hotdog Song he will imitate their dance and looks for roland cube 80xl at guitar center. Are you familiar with it? I bet a lot of kids love the Hotdog Dance too. He really can’t get over the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as well … [Read more...]