Sterling Silver Necklace

I remember that my hubby used to have sterling silver necklace and I wonder where it is right now. Anyway, the necklace looks very cool because of its size and designed. There are various accessories that can be made through sterling silver. Like, I have a sterling silver bracelet and earrings that … [Read more...]

Wedding Bands for Men

My husband and I are talking about replacing our wedding rings in time for our 10th years wedding anniversary and before doing so, we have to renew our wedding vows too. So I guess, these wedding bands for men is very timely because for the said occasion. In the meantime, we are still generating … [Read more...]

Dream of having one of these fabulous jewelry collections?

Women loves of accessories their clothing whether it is simply or fashionable in style. Some were vain in their overall look. I may say that jewelries are girl’s best friend and somehow the outfit may not be complete without any accessory, right? I really envy those women who knows a bit of fashion … [Read more...]