Fashion Finds for the Upcoming Chinese New Year

In every special occasion, there’s always a brand new look to expose and be proud of. Like the upcoming Chinese New Year. Every year we too, even though we are not Chinese, we celebrate and most especially we care a lot of their culture, beliefs, customs and ideas. At LAZADA, there’s always new … [Read more...]

My Second Lazada Online Shopping Experience

The First time I went shopping online with Lazada the experienced was good though the goodies I ordered was a bit late from the delivery date because of the Holy Week. But now, the second time I purchased with Lazada, this time I was amazed how they deliver my goodies two days after I ordered … [Read more...]

Got my Lazada Goodies Part 3

I received my other Lazada Goodies just in time for my scheduled travel to Davao City. I badly need a new belt and happy to finally got it when the courier finally delivered it on my doorstep. When I held it, I told my husband to criticize the material of the belt because it was our first time … [Read more...]

Got my First Lazada Goodies Part 1

I received a text yesterday confirming my number and address for my Lazada goodies and I was so excited to confirmed it. Then I asked him it how many goodies are there and unfortunately he said one. So I was a bit disappointed because I thought that all the 3 goodies I ordered will be shipped as one … [Read more...]

My First Lazada Online Shopping Experience

I really wanted to try online shopping since I've never done it since then until I have to guts to do that now and of course the money to pay for it. Accordingly, I wanted to buy for some belt and I decided to buy just only one for the meantime and here’s what I ordered a Geneva Byron Leather Belt … [Read more...]