Rockin’ for Christmas

As early as September, all Filipinos are welcoming the Christmas Season. In every household, you can see the preparation of the season because most but not everyone is preparing for the Christmas Decoration ahead of time. This is the season here in the Philippines that is joyful and very pleasant to … [Read more...]

Learning to Play the Piano

My niece used her summer vacation in a fun and active way of learning to play the piano. She paid around P100.00 per session and for almost a month she was able to play the piano organ and read the music notes in her own way. But we have a small problem because she doesn't have the piano organ and … [Read more...]

He Loves Music

My nephew loves to watch Mickey Mouse Club House and whenever he hears the Hotdog Song he will imitate their dance and looks for roland cube 80xl at guitar center. Are you familiar with it? I bet a lot of kids love the Hotdog Dance too. He really can’t get over the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as well … [Read more...]