Green Magic Organic Guava Soap

Since Guava has many benefits, Green Magic has come up with their Organic Guava Soap it is meant to heal sun damaged skin, relieves allergies, a natural antiseptic, treats dandruff, a can even be used as a feminine wash and with one soap you can avail it benefits and it’s packed with goodness. Where … [Read more...]

Green Magic Organic GlutaGlow Soap

Another great product is here for you, Green Magic Organic GlutaGlow Soap is really good for the skin because of its active ingredient glutathione which is very good for the body as well as in whitening the skin, it is an anti-oxidant and can even reborn your skin and most of all it is very popular … [Read more...]

Green Magic Organic Tomato Soap

Tomato is also very healthy to our skin it brings natural glow and it can even make your skin white-pinkish, who wouldn't want to have that kind of skin? Nobody right? Everybody wants to looks young and beautiful. So here’s Green Magic Organic Tomato Soap for you and to add with that it can also … [Read more...]

Green Magic Organic Milk Soap

Organic Milk Soap is another wonderful soap product from Green Magic. It is hypoallergenic, natural cleanser and toner and as we all know that milk can make your skin look younger and smoother and to top it all it is purely organic, no harsh chemical added. Aside from milk there are still other … [Read more...]

Green Magic Organic Banana Soap

Organic Banana Soap is another variety of Green Magic Organic soap line. We all know that banana has many benefits and I think soap is really amazing. It is a natural facial mask and can even remove blemishes from your skin, isn't it wonderful? Because it is all natural and really organic that makes … [Read more...]

Green Magic Organic Carrot Swirl Soap

Carrot Swirl is one of the Green Magic Organic Soap flavor. Since carrot has beta-carotene, it has an anti –cancer ingredient thus making a healthy food for the skin. Organic soaps are chemical free and your skin is really safe from the harmful ingredients. This Green Magic Organic Carrot Swirl is … [Read more...]