Perfume Collection: Sensual for Men

I can’t remember how many perfumes I have posted here as part of my collection. This time I will talk about my Perfume Collection: Sensual for Men. This was a gift for my husband from his cousin and this is the first time my hubby got a present from his cousin. Anyway, this perfume sensual for … [Read more...]

Perfume Collection: Reb’l Fluer by Rihanna

Another perfume that was added to my bucket list and this time it’s the first fragrance by Rihanna the Reb’l Fluer. When my sister-in-law gave it to me I automatically thank her for her generosity of giving me a perfume for a “Pasalubong” from Taiwan. When I first saw the perfume, the … [Read more...]

Perfume Collection: Body Treats Body Spray

I am always on the lookout for something that is cheap but with a good use of course. I found this body spray at Watson and definitely bought one. I tried it out and the scent is very good too but because it just a spray the scent doesn't lasts long but for the buying price of P100+ it’s not bad at … [Read more...]

Perfume Collection: Police Original for Men

Hubby has different kinds of perfume and Police Original is one of them. He was lucky enough to be able to have these kinds of perfume because of her sister working and living abroad. When a package arrived or she goes home, she always has a gift us and perfumes is one of them. Mine was a guess bag … [Read more...]