Product Review: Jergens Anti-Bacterial Lotion

I am always on the lookout for moisturizing lotion that will help my dry and sometimes scaly skin back to its normal smooth and moisturized tone. I went to a department store here in Davao and found this Jergens Anti-Bacterial Lotion over tons of beauty products. I was thinking that maybe will … [Read more...]

Product Review: ShaveLess Whitening Deo

My office mate and I went to her favorite salon, she told me that she bought a ShaveLess Whitening Deo that would make your underarm hair invisible for a very long time and because I was intrigued by her confession. I am too, was very eager to try the said deodorant.  The price range was about … [Read more...]

Product Review: Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation

A friend of mine introduced me to these Mary Kay products; according to her it has a wonderful effect on the skin much if you have a sensitive skin. She showed me what she bought and put it in her face and when she finished the makeup I can see that it indeed makes her face glowing. So, I ordered … [Read more...]

Product Review: Uni Kojic with Gluta Whitening Beauty Soap

I am on the haul of beauty products that are cheaper in price and of course not harmful to the skin. When I went to a certain department in Davao City, I planned on buying a beauty soap. But I have no clue on what really to buy since there are many products on the market today. This is the first … [Read more...]

Product Review: Save Our Skin (SOS) Pimple Remover

I have a very big problem in terms of pimple and acne for the longest time now. I don’t know what to do on my pimple turned acne and now becomes a keloid. I often hide it because I am very shy to expose it. It is very itchy and often very painful time. I went to several dermatologists but it the … [Read more...]

Product Review: EverBilena Lip Color Extreme Shine Lipstick

I am still on the hunt of the perfect lipstick that will satisfy my need and it should not be an expensive one. It can be cheap but with a good and reputable brand of course. When I went out and shop for a lipstick the other month. I was greeted by the EverBilena sales lady and showed me varieties … [Read more...]