Best Buys: Watsons Deep Moisturizing Body Lotion

I was looking for a body lotion that has deep moisturizing properties, and then I came across this Watsons Deep Moisturizing Body Lotion at their store when I went there yesterday so I said to myself have to try his one. Since this is the first time I’ll be using it. It has a good smell, the … [Read more...]

Perfume Collection: Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears

As of the moment, I have used Midnight Fantasy. I really love its sweet scent, its design it very luxurious. It was bought in London by my sister-in-law and handed down to me as a gift. The packaging is very beautiful also and I do love its color, very chic. I think it’s something the Britney … [Read more...]

Best Buys: Fendi Bag

I wanted to buy shoes and was looking for it at the ukay-ukay boutique near Bolton Street in San Pedro. However, my eyes suddenly locked with the bag. At first I was not curious of the brand but the looks of it tells me that it’s a good one. I instantly hold it and ask if it’s authentic. The seller … [Read more...]

Best Buys: Bag at an affordable Price

Last Monday I went to Gaisano South Citimall I passed by a lot of 2nd hand bags or we call it Ukay-Ukay. I automatically joined many by passers who were also looking and asked the seller who much each bag cost. My attention was captured with this particular bag. To my calculation it’s somewhat new … [Read more...]

Lamido: A Secure and Safe Fashion Online Store

Lamido is one of the online store that has a wide array of beautiful things to buy and sell. Whether you are a fahionista or not. There's something to look forward into their website. Nowadays, it is very easy and convenient to purchase and sell online. Lamido is among the Lazada Group of Companies … [Read more...]

What is Pretty Claire all About

Pretty Claire is a blog dedicated to women of all ages.  I believe that beauty comes from within and I want to bring back the confidence in you. I may not be the perfect adviser but I am a woman too believing in my capacity to bring goodness in you. We all admire beauty and we do anything … [Read more...]