Best Buys: Cute Pink Sandal

I really like this cute pink sandal, a friend of mind bought this from an ukay-ukay store for only 100 pesos. Wow! Not bad eh! It looks good also and it’s very light weight. It is made of plastic material but the moment you wear it, it looks like a pretty good rubber, quite comfortable and not bad … [Read more...]

Another TOMS for Me!

I guess this time, I have settled for the things that i can easily afford. Hopefully, in the future if I have more money to indulge. I will buy those original one because it will last longer that the cheaper one that are made just to have a glimpse of what really the Original Toms can offer, … [Read more...]

How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Women’s Sheepskin Boots

Women’s sheepskin boots are not only fashionable, but are very comfortable as well. No wonder these boots are a hot favourite among the fashion conscious and among those who love the luxurious feeling in everything they wear. You can simply pair these up with your favourite outfits and get dressed … [Read more...]

My Nike Flex Shoes

It is my dream to buy a workout shoe. I am very happy to realize that dream. Finally, I bought one through the help of Zalora Philippines by which I was given a big discount and I am ready to finally owned a workout shoe this year. My Nike Flex Shoes are lightweight and comfortable to wear. I … [Read more...]

Looking for a Basketball Shoes

Since last year, Hubby wanted to buy a basketball shoe. He loves the sport so much and needed a pair of shoes too. When we went to a shopping mall located nearby our place. We have seen many shoes but this Adidas caught our best attention. He tried it and liked it too and when we looked at the … [Read more...]

Fashionable Tretorn Shoes

Hubby and I were looking for sneakers for me. I told him that if I could use it in any way like for instance, jogging or by simply strolling in the mall or perhaps even doing some exercise. So we went to Abreeza Ayala Mall here in Davao, as we passed by this shoe store. I noticed that they were on … [Read more...]