Forever 21 Pouch Bag

This is the first gift I received during the holidays. My boss sister gave this one to me; I wasn't expecting anything but I was so happy that I received something from her. Anyway, I went to the Forever 21 store here in Davao and just window shopped there. My office mate was given the same … [Read more...]

Why I love Shopping for Musical Instruments?

First and foremost, I may not be musically inclined, but I am a big fan of the Music Industry. Thus, I came to notice this amazing anthrax guitarist Scot Ian whom was having an Anthrax interview. Where he was able to talk about his music and other stuff. Right now, I am still amazed by how … [Read more...]

Product Review: Jergens Anti-Bacterial Lotion

I am always on the lookout for moisturizing lotion that will help my dry and sometimes scaly skin back to its normal smooth and moisturized tone. I went to a department store here in Davao and found this Jergens Anti-Bacterial Lotion over tons of beauty products. I was thinking that maybe will … [Read more...]

Surround Sound Speaker

I am looking for a surround sound speaker that is very affordable and durable. I was lucky enough to find this site. Everything I wanted was there and hopefully, will get my order next week. In the meantime, I will still use the speaker I have now but I am very excited to receive my order … [Read more...]

Les Paul Buying Guide

  Summer is just around the corner and the kids are at home. Would it be beautiful if we give them a fantastic way to enjoy their summer vacation in a fun and educational way. Les Paul buying guide is all you need if you want your child to learn more about music. Of course, the wide array of … [Read more...]

Ultimate Christmas Gift for the Holidays

I want to buy an Ultimate Christmas Gift for the Holidays and the lucky receiver will be my better-half of course. I know he is very inclined with music and stuff and he will definitely love this gift for sure. A friend old me that muscians friend has the 2015 gibson les paul deluxe and it is the … [Read more...]