Another TOMS for Me!

I guess this time, I have settled for the things that i can easily afford. Hopefully, in the future if I have more money to indulge. I will buy those original one because it will last longer that the cheaper one that are made just to have a glimpse of what really the Original Toms can offer, … [Read more...]

My Fair Share: Saucony Rubber Shoes

This is one shoe I wasn't able to buy because during that time I have no spare money for anything that is not too important during that time. It was sold for me at P1,000.00 and I told the seller if she would allow me to pay P500.00 for the meantime and the other P500.00 will be paid on the payday. … [Read more...]

Got a New Toms for myself

I was looking for a shoe to use in the office and found toms in the thrifty store.  I bought this for only 150.00 in that store. I plan to buy another pair cause it's very comfortable to use. I guess, what I have is just a replica because the original Toms might be an expensive one. But I am … [Read more...]