My Second Lazada Online Shopping Experience

The First time I went shopping online with Lazada the experienced was good though the goodies I ordered was a bit late from the delivery date because of the Holy Week. But now, the second time I purchased with Lazada, this time I was amazed how they deliver my goodies two days after I ordered … [Read more...]

TRESEmme Anti Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner

I like my daily shampoo and conditioner now, I am using TRESEmme Anti Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner I bought from Lazada. I find the product true to its claims; I love the shampoo most especially the conditioner. My hair feels really soft and beautiful; I am planning to buy another two bottles … [Read more...]

Got my Lazada Goodies Part 2

Finally, after the long wait my Lazada Goodies came in last week and because of the Holiday break I wasn't able to receive it on time. But good thing that 2Go delivery man was able to do and so, I am happy and was very excited to use my TRESEmme Anti Hair Fall conditioner. I then use my TRESEmme … [Read more...]

My First Lazada Online Shopping Experience

I really wanted to try online shopping since I've never done it since then until I have to guts to do that now and of course the money to pay for it. Accordingly, I wanted to buy for some belt and I decided to buy just only one for the meantime and here’s what I ordered a Geneva Byron Leather Belt … [Read more...]