Best Buys: Fendi Bag

I wanted to buy shoes and was looking for it at the ukay-ukay boutique near Bolton Street in San Pedro. However, my eyes suddenly locked with the bag. At first I was not curious of the brand but the looks of it tells me that it’s a good one. I instantly hold it and ask if it’s authentic. The seller … [Read more...]

Best Buys: Syntax Bag at an Affordable Price

This is my second bag purchased at the sidewalk of Gaisano South CitiMall, thought it take a while to finally see a fresh looking ukay-ukay bag but it pays off when I got this Syntax bag. I like its style and color though not that big but I find it very convenient to use. My first purchased was a … [Read more...]

Best Buys: Cute Pink Sandal

I really like this cute pink sandal, a friend of mind bought this from an ukay-ukay store for only 100 pesos. Wow! Not bad eh! It looks good also and it’s very light weight. It is made of plastic material but the moment you wear it, it looks like a pretty good rubber, quite comfortable and not bad … [Read more...]

Best Buys: On Frugal Shoes Zara and Sorridere

I am always on the look of something to buy like these shoes that I found on thrifty stores here in Davao. Whenever I got the time to stroll around during my free time together with my office mate, we are always trying to window shop first at our suki ukay-ukay store.   This is my Zara … [Read more...]