Fashion Finds for the Upcoming Chinese New Year

In every special occasion, there’s always a brand new look to expose and be proud of. Like the upcoming Chinese New Year. Every year we too, even though we are not Chinese, we celebrate and most especially we care a lot of their culture, beliefs, customs and ideas. At LAZADA, there’s always new … [Read more...]

Tomato Sporty Flex Watch

My watch finally arrived 2 days after I ordered it through Lazada online. I was very excited to try it out and it felt really good on my hand but I wanted to give to it my husband so in the end I handed it over to him.  I was so thankful that he liked it very much. It was the first time I ever saw … [Read more...]

Need a New Watch

I think it’s the right time to buy a new watch for me. I’m looking for some brands and design that will fit in to my budget but until now I wasn't able to figure out what brand. But I am thinking of buying couples watch for me and for my hubby too. Any design and brand in mind? I really need … [Read more...]

Men’s Luxury Watch

As the holidays gone by, I was not able to at least give my hubby a present. I noticed that his watch was broken and obviously needs a replacement. In order to surprise him and give him my gift I shopped online and found this beautiful product for him the raymond weil luxury watch. I bet he will … [Read more...]