Ultimate Christmas Gift for the Holidays

I want to buy an Ultimate Christmas Gift for the Holidays and the lucky receiver will be my better-half of course. I know he is very inclined with music and stuff and he will definitely love this gift for sure. A friend old me that muscians friend has the 2015 gibson les paul deluxe and it is the latest and I want him to have the best.

gibson guitar photo: cello,gibson.-guitar 5string bass 100_1455.jpg

Image Credit: Photobucket.com-grandma123__2006

More importantly, because he loves to sing as much as I am, so we will have a great bonding with this session. I am very excited by this and I just hope that I could push this through. Hopefully, I could generate enough money to buy this guitar.

Perfume Collection: Lacoste Challenge

Here’s an addition to my collection of Perfumes. Lacoste Challenge Gel Douche shower Gel is paired with perfume to get the masculine scent pour homme. Somehow we are busy now, thinking of the perfects gifts we can get for our mother in time for the celebration of the Mother’s day. But we should not forget the Father’s day is around the corner and Lacoste perfume can also be nice gift ideas. However, this is a part of the collection we have in our house and I wanted to share it with you.

 photo lacoste1_zpseecdb843.jpg

Perhaps your husband will be delighted if you give him this. This might bring those old memories back. Hmm! I am all for the good of the family, as long as you love each other try to surprise your spouse and see the result. Good luck!

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Home Spa Massage Oil


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My Beautiful Guess Leather Wallet

guess wallet 1

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