My Beautiful Guess Leather Wallet

My Beautiful Guess Leather Wallet and I love it. But until now, I did not use it because I am afraid it will be ruined and i just wanted it to be on display. Lol!

guess wallet 1

I received this guess leather wallet from my sister-in-law and later gave me the matching guess leather bag too. I was so happy and thankful because I couldn’t afford to buy one, a branded wallet and the branded bag of course. These wallet and bag came from London, United Kingdom where she works and lives.

guess wallet 2

The wallet is still not in use because I am afraid to ruin it, he he. Later I will make a post about the leather bag too but for now I will think about if I’m going to use the wallet or not or just put it on display. What do you think?

Money Back Guarantee Shopping

Whenever I want to buy something I would always look for this Money Back Guarantee Shopping. I think this is the ultimate thing that we need in case the product they are selling is not good. But I guess, this is one way of telling its clients that their product is something to buy because for sure they vouch for its originality and durability.

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For a customer like myself that would want to avail any of their products and services. This is one way of securing that anytime I can return the product I purchased if I am unsatisfied with it. But, we should remember that there’s a grace period for such returns and that is what we should take note of.

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Hair Care: Bonding with My Hair


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Where to Buy the Best Wig Online

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