Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

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Wishing you joyful Holiday celebration and a Merry Christmas to everyone from Pretty Claire.

Home Spa Massage Oil

If you love to go to a Spa Salon, why not try Home Spa Massage Oil at home. If you have relatives or friends that knows a little of shiatsu or simple massage that could ease away those back pains, then this is a nice way to relax too. You could at least give them livelihood just a bit. Who knows? It will grow eventually.

This massage oil is very relaxing, a lot of people used it and, you can make it into a business. You can actually sell it in small bottles. Why not try it?

Add a Touch of Elegance into your Table

I am really amazed how someone can really create a beautiful and fantastic table set up by merely choosing simple yet affordable piece of linen, table skirting-premiertablelinens.com is very helpful in terms of creating a fabulous look at my table. … [Continue reading]

Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap

kojie san

I've used Kojie San for a couple of months now and I find it good, it has gradually lightens my skin and I really liked the result. The best thing is that I had purchased the 2nd soap half the price. What a great deal! It’s not expensive and very a … [Continue reading]

Why I love Shopping for Musical Instruments?

First and foremost, I may not be musically inclined, but I am a big fan of the Music Industry. Thus, I came to notice this amazing anthrax guitarist Scot Ian whom was having an Anthrax interview. Where he was able to talk about his music and other … [Continue reading]

#Unboxing: My First Ever #GlamourBox Subscription


I have seen a lot of #Unboxing from different bloggers I came across and I too got these urgent feeling of trying these goodies. So I went to #GlamourBox to try out their stuff and this is what I got. The purchase comes in handy because it was made … [Continue reading]