13 Purse Essentials

Purses, when lugged around for hours on end, get a little annoying, but they do make up for their bulkiness in usefulness. Purses always contain everything you or your friends could want or need, or at least they should! Feeling like a “mother hen” for all of your friends– with a purse full of goodies, encompassing all things for all types of situations you may come across–is not a bad thing. Being able also to have anything YOU might need, and catering to your individual needs (we all are a little weird), makes a purse worth the while. Having these essentials in your purse will make you equipped for anything and keep you comfortable when away from home.

1. Tide To Go Pen

We all spill sometimes, and being there for friends when they spill red sauce on a white shirt feels pretty awesome. Going out to restaurants and getting dressed up gets ruined when a massive stain is visibly noticeable all over your nice dress. Even if you cannot make yourself look better right at that moment, you can at least salvage your clothing so the stain does not stay forever!

2. Oil Blotting Pads/Face Wipes

Face wipes and oil blotting pads are great for at work or to freshen up before an event. Keep some tissues on hand as well, in case you cry, your makeup runs, or your eyes water. Looking fresh and clean for something formal or something for work is important and can make a good first impression. Even just for yourself, looking as best as you can is awesome.

3. Compact Mirror

If you are not with friends, how will you know if you have something stuck in your teeth or pen on your face? Having a compact mirror on hand is useful when applying makeup if you need to look nice for something in a jiffy, or making sure that you do not have food in your teeth. If you do have food in your teeth often, throw a thing of dental floss into your purse, too.

4. Sunglasses

Driving in the sunlight is made possible by a visor that you pull down in your car, but sometimes that is not even enough. Sunglasses make it safer to drive, and more enjoyable. Plus, fashionable sunglasses always make a girl look more put together, especially if you have zero make-up on and you stayed up late.

5. Band-Aids

Always have some first-aid essentials on your person! Having a band-aid, whether it be for a paper cut or a blister, can make a long day not seem longer. Having a blister on your foot that rubs with a pair of heels on at work can make your day seem exponentially longer, and a band-aid can help the pain temporarily.

6. Money (Cash)

Money can help anyone get out of a sticky situation. I suggest putting at least some money separate from your wallet in case you lose your wallet, or it is stolen. That way, if you need a cab, food, or anything of the like, you have money to pay for it. Sometimes debit cards and credit cards can get shut down at a moment’s notice if your card company thinks fraud has been committed on your account. Cash is useful in a moment like this because it can still pay for whatever you need.

7. Snacks

I get low blood sugar a lot when I get hungry. Having a snack with some protein or sugar on hand is an easy way to keep yourself feeling balanced and in check. Feeling dizzy or shaky while trying to get through the day never feels good. Peanut butter crackers are the perfect snack to throw into a purse or any bar.

8. Pen/Something to Write On

You never know when you will need to jot down someone’s phone number, email, or other contact information. Having something to write on can save you from that moment of forgetfulness at the end of the day when you think, what was I trying to remember? This can also help just write down incredible ideas the moment you have them, instead of waiting till later and them losing half their value.

9. Extra Phone Charger

Phones die so often! Especially those of you with iPhones; iPhones seem to need a re-charge multiple times a day! Having an extra phone charger on hand or a car phone charger (or both!) can be a lifesaver on a never-ending day. Staying connected is integral in our world today, and chargers do not take up that much space in a purse!

10. Perfume/Travel-Size Deodorant

Smelling nasty does not make a good first impression, but smelling amazing helps make an excellent first impression. An impression of good hygiene is surely a plus and will make others around you not mind being close. Breath mints are also a huge help to keeping people close in conversation and keeping them actually listening.

11. Purell

Sickness travels quickly and anything we can do to buffer ourselves from getting sick is beneficial. Purell can kill all of the bad germs that have accumulated on your hands and mentally lets you relax. Washing hands is sometimes not a possibility and therefore having Purell can be a godsend.

12. Make-up

Smelling fresh is just as important as looking fresh. After wiping your face down with a face wipe or blotting it with an oil-blotting sheet, throwing some blush and lipstick on can make a world of difference. The before and after can be astounding, and surprisingly enough just even a quick swipe on of mascara and lipstick can make you look like you just got dressed up. For professional reasons, for yourself, or for going out, having a bit of makeup in your purse is never a bad idea.

13. Hair Accessories

Having bad hair days kills one’s morale. Learning a few quick hairstyles like a french braid, simple up-do, or sleek ponytail with a bit of hair wrapped around the ponytail can go a long way. A cute outfit with a bad hair day can be ruined, but keeping a small brush, hair ties and bobby pins on hand can transform bad hair into beautiful hair.

With these 13 purse essentials, your purse will be well-equipped, suited to help your friends as well as yourself in conquering the day to day problems. Using your purse to its utmost potential can make you realize just how helpful a purse, or more simply put, “a bag of mysteries,” can be.

Taylor Thomas is a freelance writer and fashion blogger who is also the one who is prepared for any event or circumstance, much to the benefit of her friends. To make sure she is always fashionable, she turns to www.moranaonline.com. You can learn more about Taylor on Google+.

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