Money Back Guarantee Shopping

Whenever I want to buy something I would always look for this Money Back Guarantee Shopping. I think this is the ultimate thing that we need in case the product they are selling is not good. But I guess, this is one way of telling its clients that their product is something to buy because for sure they vouch for its originality and durability.

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For a customer like myself that would want to avail any of their products and services. This is one way of securing that anytime I can return the product I purchased if I am unsatisfied with it. But, we should remember that there’s a grace period for such returns and that is what we should take note of.

Perfume Collection: Ice Fresh by Davidoff Cool Water

I’ve been using Davidoff Cool Water Ice Fresh in the past months now. I really love its freshness and the fragrance is not that strong. Good for the women out there who has active lifestyle and spirit, the smell is very sweet and cool. I really like Davidoff Cool Water collection and I have blogged about it.

Shop Right Here at your Convenience

Whenever I see this sign “Shop Right Here at your Convenience”, it gets me to the bones. Lol! I would visit the website as soon as I can or better yet the moment I am hooked in the internet. I love to browse new and exciting shopping and fashion onl … [Continue reading]

Hair Care: Bonding with My Hair


With the financial aid of my hubby I was able to bring back my hair to its beautiful state. Lol. As well as know that hair re-bonding could cause you a dime.  I am glad that my hubby is able to give me what I am asking for. Though the re-bonding … [Continue reading]

Where to Buy the Best Wig Online

I was looking for a hair extension or maybe a wig for my niece and my problem is where to find the best wig online. She needs it because she wanted to use for a certain competition. We were trying our best to find something that suit her. We … [Continue reading]

Best Buys: Cute Pink Sandal


I really like this cute pink sandal, a friend of mind bought this from an ukay-ukay store for only 100 pesos. Wow! Not bad eh! It looks good also and it’s very light weight. It is made of plastic material but the moment you wear it, it looks like a p … [Continue reading]

Magnetic Bracelets Are Very Good For The Body

I heard from a friend that she bought a magnetic bracelet at According to her, these magnetic bracelets are very good for the body, especially if you're suffering from tremendous pain like arthritis and other inflammatory … [Continue reading]

My 92.5% Silver Bracelet

silver bracelet1

I thought I lost it but I found it just recently. When I looked at my silver bracelet the color seemed to be very rusty and I couldn’t throw it away. I bought it last 2 two years ago at 800 pesos around $20 I guess. When I asked the store where I b … [Continue reading]

Looking for a Music Device

My niece's birthday is coming up very fast and since there’s a lot of singing and dancing. I think I need to buy a music device that can help make the event very cheerful. I am looking for classic rock amp that is durable and more specifically very ch … [Continue reading]

My Fashionable Wooden Bracelet

wooden bracelet 1

I wanted to have my own fashionable wooden bracelet and I started looking for it and this wooden bracelet captured my attention. I like the colors and the designed itself. I can mix and match with any clothing that might be suitable for the wooden … [Continue reading]